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Prime areas for learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

The Budaiya Pre-School encourages children to build positive relationships with their peers and other adults. Through play and exploration, they are constantly developing their self confidence and love for learning. With positive interaction and support, young children learn important social skills such as sharing, cooperation and how to manage their feelings and behavior.


Physical Development:

Children need space and a variety of physical challenges to help them develop their fine and gross motor skills. At Budaiya Pre -School we have a physical education programme especially designed for young children. Our air conditioned Soft Play room and our fully shaded play area are ideal for this. We encourage all children to be active and to make healthy choices.


Communication and Language:

Learning to listen, understand and communicate is essential to your child’s learning, friendships, and making sense of the world around them. Our dedicated staff understand the importance of providing a rich language environment. We encourage children to express themselves through a variety of activities such as speaking, singing, stories and role play. We have a well stocked library and an established music programme and specialized music teachers.

Specific areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum:


Children love stories, songs and word games, and through this interest they learn that the written word has meaning. Your child will be exposed to many different literacy experiences which form the foundation for early reading. Children are actively encouraged to experiment with writing when planning and recording their learning. Through mark making, painting and activities they strengthen their fine motor control.


Counting, understanding and using numbers whilst playing, gives children the confidence to solve mathematical problems. We plan a variety of different activities such as sorting, matching, measuring and comparing groups to provide them with a strong foundation in this area of learning.


Understanding of the World:

Children are continually learning about how the world around them works. At Budaiya Pre School we encourage children to observe, explore and find out about people, places and technology, and share their experiences with their teachers and peers. We use the latest Interactive Whiteboards and computers to support the children’s collaborative learning.

Expressive Arts and Design:

As children learn in different ways they are encouraged to express themselves through exploring a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance and role-play. Creative expression reinforces what they have learned in each area.



Extra Curricular Activities:

The Budaiya Pre-School provides excellent extracurricular activities. These include Music and Movement, Arabic language, English enrichment through interactive stories, Bricks for Kidz and after school care.

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